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Richmond Night Market

Brand, Production, & Social Design


Challenge: Contributed to the success of the Richmond Night Market as it pivoted from an in-person to an online market. I was heavily involved with design, creative strategic planning, template creations, marketing, media production, online events and workshops, vendor relations and community outreach.


Role: Visual Designer


Results: 600 guests streamed Richmond Night Market's virtual Holiday Villages event, after 2 1/2 weeks of preparation. The organization received phenomenal testimonials from attendees and vendors.

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The Richmond Night Market is an organization that supports Richmond City's small business and artist community, by hosting in-person and virtual markets. Visitors of the Richmond Night Market are given opportunities to support their local businesses and creatives by shopping and commissioning vendors.

My contribution to this organization as a visual designer, was creating consistent branding, eye-catching promotional products and social media assets, which achieved many successful streaming events and received phenomenal testimonials from attendees and vendors.



Richmond Night Market needs creative direction and enhancing designs, to promote “Holiday Villages” — a two-day, multi-location shopping experience with a holiday twist. 

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We came up with numerous concepts, exploring a more modern and non-traditional shopping experience during the holiday season. Our focus also was to be able to connect the Holiday Villages event to the Richmond Night Market. Our creative team moved in the direction of bright and contrasting colors, and approving fonts such as Raleway and Aliando Rocky.


Holiday Villages shifts into a virtual streamed production. Organizers had shifted their approach due to the COVID-19 surge, moving to a safer virtual shopping experience that looks to connect shoppers with independent, local small businesses.

RNM_Holiday Villages Case Study_Concepts_edited.jpg
RNM_Holiday Villages sketches_edited.jpg



With our color scheme and fonts approved, and a minor edit to our logo due to a quick pivot to online-streaming, I was able to create mockups and assets for our social media promotions. We were also able to pass on our approved branding to other teams to implement physical event pieces for production.

Holiday Market Logo mockup.png

Examples of event signage designed and assembled for production.

Hopin Facebook on Laptop Mockup.png
Hopin Advertising poster mockup.png

Social media promotional material advertising the Holiday Villages event.


Keeping our branding consistent in event signage and decor.

Over 600 guests streamed the Holiday Villages two-day virtual event!