Senior Exhibition_CHERRY.jpg

Art Therapy Senior Project

Art Direction, Print Production & Visual Design

Challenge: Prepare for an exhibition by solely contributing in art direction, data driven digital design, production, and creative strategy. Independently designed work, promoting a topic that showcased a year's worth of research. 


Role: Senior Visual Designer


Results: Presented and curated a well-produced, informative exhibit promoting the encouragement of students aspiring to be art therapists, and to pursue their education within the field in the state of Virginia. 

All designers were given the task to produce a presentation of independently designed work, in promoting a topic that shows a year's worth of research. 

I chose to present on the benefits of considering art therapy as a career, and the number of resources and stats that support the advantages of choosing this path.

My production included a mock up organization that leads students or those pursuing art therapy, to beneficial resources and stats to further their interest.

Art Therapy Mockup.png