A Richmond Big Band Christmas

Brand & Promotional Design


Challenge: Contributed to the success of A Richmond Big Band Christmas by providing promotional materials and leading the direction of their branding. I was heavily involved with design, creative strategic planning, marketing, and media production.


Role: Visual Designer


Results: Successfully delivered several promotional materials that contributed to a sold out, one night show at the Byrd Theatre.



Client desired a logo that represented a big-band, holiday-themed experience without presenting images that reflected traditional holiday themes.

RVA Big Band Christmas_sketches_edited.jpg
A Richmond Big Band Christmas_Color Scheme.jpg

Event logo and a visual identity guide was approved. Promotional materials were connected and assembled in preparation for the event.


Event posters designed for digital and print use in promotion for the event. An alternative, simplified logo can be noticed in a few examples. An alternative logo left room for an event logo to remain consistent within its brand, without losing any detailed elements once scaled down.

Lanyard_ID_badge_mockup_ARBBC(event staff).png


Name badges were designed for event staff and volunteers assisting during the day of the event. Each name badge was designed in a different color to correspond with each assistant's role, as "staff" or as a "volunteer".



Social media concepts were created to further promote the event. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook were considered to ensure proper dimensions. One concept included a countdown towards the event, to further encourage followers to purchase tickets and attend the Richmond Big Band Christmas event. A template was made for the client to post an updated number reflecting the amount of days left before event day.